For the past five years I've been hard at work as the Arts Pastor and Creative Director for the modern church.

What's it mean to be a Creative Director for a church? It means you wear A LOT of hats. Much like an account executive in an ad agency, I've served as the creative liaison between various ministry leaders and volunteer designers. I've kept many "clients" happy by relying on my strong interpersonal skills and finding creative solutions to problems. I've also been the lead creative in a broad range of roles: lighting & set designer, video producer, print designer, copywriter, motion graphics designer--I've even been a jingle-writer a time or two!

Because of the holistic experience I have to offer, I'm well positioned to provide a wide range of services in the marketing/advertising industry.

While I enjoy all kinds of design, I specialize in motion graphics. My current weapons of choice include Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, and Vegas. When it comes to music production, a big fan of Ableton Live, Propellorhead Reason and Celemony Melodyne.

For more info, check out my résumé.

Title package for 2010 Christmas series at Springdale Community Church based on Revelation 12.  The artwork was done by very talented artist David Miller, the excellent voiceovers were done by Alana Damron.

To achieve the reveal effect, I separated artwork elements in Photoshop, then used the elements as a track matte over ink-in-water footage in After Effects.

This was a great team effort by the Springdale Creative Team. The final Suburban Detox Artwork was done by Alana Damron, Matt McDougal helped storyboard, and I had a blast fleshing out the animation. I love working with talented people!

The folks at Crossings Ministries asked me to produce this short piece to promote their summer camps. As you can see, the staff at Crossings do an amazing job. They’re also great to work with.

To get the the 360 degree background texture, I used a great new script called Skydome. Believe it or not, the texture was an HDRI map of the surface of Pluto!

I’ve recently been playing with 3D animation.  One of the best things about coming from a production background is that so many concepts transfer from one medium to another.  Technical similarities aside, great media still comes down to design, timing and storytelling.  Attention to these elements are obvious even in a 20 second piece like this one!

This is an updated version of the website promo video for  The work was done in 3D Studio Max, Blender and After Effects. 

This is a compilation of much of my early work.  Its made up mostly of experiments in After Effects, though some of it is actually done in Vegas (read: when resources are limited, you have to get creative!). 

Favorite Segment: Between the Lines opening.  I used to marvel at the wonderfully designed book covers on my grandparent’s coffee table as a kid.  This project was a great opportunity to reinvent a clean graphic style in a raw 3d environment.

This animation was more technically challenging than one might expect.  Rather than a simple “squash and stretch” animation, each vector point was charted in time and aligned with a time-based wireframe. 

Biggest Challenge:  Maintaining a consistent curve path throughout the animation.  It took a great deal of tweaking, but it turned out well.

This was the title package for the Beautiful Fight series at Springdale Community Church. The design metaphor is fairly obvious: The triumph of the flower over the cold grey asphalt parallels the spiritual battle of the pilgrim in a hostile world.

This was all done in Vegas, including the soundtrack editing. It’s a great example of “less is more”: simple but stunningly beautiful.

Soundtrack: “Love is Going to Break Through” by Chris Rice

This is the title package I made for Springdale Community Church’s E3 message series. The entire brand had an industrial theme—right down to giant rusted metal medallion hanging on stage. The medallion had the E3 logo cut out of the center, which inspired the welding torch cutout in this bumper.

I led the creative team at Springdale Community Church in creating the identity and branding of the volunteer ministry, which we named “Impact”. 

To promote the new ministry we launched a major campaign that included: a large interactive display, logo saturation, a major social networking initiative, community-wide mailers, and a four-week message series.

This is a short promo piece I wrote, filmed, and produced for the campaign.

This was the title package for the Making an Impact campaign at Springdale Community Church. It was edited from the original promo I produced, and features the series graphic at the end of the piece.

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